Unión de Amor desde el Corazón!!

Esta La Juanita repleta de amor!! Llevamos a cabo una sublime ceremonia de unión, una ceremonia de amor desde el corazón!! Dias, meses, años llevaba esta tierra sembrándose para el rezo que aquel día se consagró! Y así mismo nosotros, caminando nuestros caminos, trabajando nuestros espíritus, nos preparábamos sin saberlo, para el conjuro que aquí se celebró!! Y nace una nueva familia! Como unión de almas y clanes, con el sagrado poder de esta tierra, en resonancia tejiendo hacia el […]

We share this space which now stands at La Juanita!!! A place for connection which represents the prophecy of the meeting between the eagle and the condor. Available for ceremonies, a magical place which guards this mountains. A temple where we sit around the fire, and connect with the ancient power of this element, with the stories it inspires, with ourselves and with community. A place to sleep with your children, and awaken, after the night stories, to a new […]

Seed ceremony, temaskal, and pagamentos

Amazing days… We joined the Mhuysqa indigenous community at Sesquilé, Cundinamarca, for a beautiful and powerful seed blessing ceremony. Our seeds are ready for the planting season in March!! A temaskal ceremony followed next day, cleansing ourselves, connecting and getting ready for a year of planting and abundance. And we then made the ascension to the sacred lakes of Siecha, magical temple where we did various pagamentos, offerings for all the the wellbeing received, and for the abundance to come.