Slow Food Slideshow, around the world celebrating Terra Madre Day!!

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Terra Madre Day Celebration!!

Versión en Español After so many weeks of rain, finally the sun came out three days ago!! We had canceled our proposed celebration, involving local families and people from the city, wanting to document and share traditional food preparations. The farm was muddy and wet, not able to host an event as we had planned. And two days before the 10th, the sun shinned!! So we gathered, with the guests who where staying at La Juanita for the weekend, and […]

Terra Madre Day Invitation!!

Spanish Version In this video, Carlo Petrini, president of Slow Food International, invites to participate in Terra Madre Day!!! [youtube=] That day we will celebrate at La Juanita, together with local farmers, rediscovering ancestral recipes, eating deliciously, sharing stories, celebrating our link with earth!!! If you want to join us, write to:

Terra Madre Day!!!

Versión en Español We will celebrate Terra Madre Day, at La Juanita, on December 10. This worldwide event, organized locally at various places throughout the world, is promoted by Slow Food International, a grassroots organization which supports traditional, sustainable, and local food preparations, in contrast with the massive contemporary tendency towards fastfood and fastlife. During that day, an event will take place at La Juanita, where we will gather with local farmer families, to rediscover and share traditional dishes, prepared […]