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We inhabit the sacred territory of the ancient Mhuysqa people, the indigenous ancestors which still today guard this mountains. High, nested on the ridges, lagoons as jewels mark powerful confluence nodes, places for pagamento, for giving back spiritually or physically to the mother earth.

Juanita_02Water, the feminine energy gives birth to life when fecundated by the masculine sun.  A perpetual cycle which everyday emanates existence. The natural balance has to be kept respecting and nurturing this elements. The blinding El Dorado represented this sacred intercourse between masculine sun fecund gold, and feminine life emanating water.

La Juanita Guatavita Siecha


Siecha, shrine of the three lagoons. Representing, life, weaving, and thought. Amazing paramo with guarding three meter tall frailejones. Cold wind silence. Temple for meditation, purpose, offering, intention and action.

La Juanita Guatavita TomnineTominé valley. The end of the plow; golden river.  Through ancient Mhuysqa paths which rise from the valley, up onto the white stone ridge, and then, remembering past ritual ways, towards mother Guatavita.


El Dorado was, and is,  the sacred lakes, not the sun golden semen. Was, and is, the maize , capable of merging shining rays to nurture our bodies. The sons and daughters of the maize, contemporary Mhuysqa people, guardians of Guatavita and all the territory.

La Juanita Guatavita Temaskal Mhuysqa

Temaskal at the Mhuysqa Community of Sesquile