Do you want to explore the land EntreVolcanes?


Spanish Version

Days ago we traveled to the fertile territory of Tolima, in the central mountains of Colombia, where the most sublime coffee grows, within a native fruity forest that infuse such special taste to the precious grain.

Visiting this territory, talking to its people, exchanging stories and local recipes, we got inspired to share all this magic with many others.

That si how, from now on,  Café EntreVolcanes, with its distinctive vibrant countryside flavor, wakens all our mornings and fills the finca with its aroma which carries so many stories. Café EntreVolcanes is sold at the café at La Juanita, we also offer it on beans or grounded for your house, or in sacks for your business.

But… if you are eager to discover the mystery of this territory.. we can organize an expedition to the heart of Tolima, to the land EntreVolcanes!!