Planting Time


Maja working at the herbs spiral

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The time for planting has come!!!

We have been preparing the soil for the past weeks, with the help of Maja, a German volunteer who is helping us this days, sharing with us life at La Juanita. We have been collecting seeds from around the region, trying to find the most ancestral local unmodified ones. We have meditated on our seeds as well, connecting us with the life power they hold within, tunning ourselves with their generating nature, acknowledging they will feed us,according to how we feed them. And today is the day!!!

Seeds at the altar

We embrace biodynamic agriculture principles, following the rhythms earth and the celestial vault irradiate on their perpetual dance. The propitious times for each activity are taken into account, according to the lunar and planetarium calendar the Arca Verde has been developing for years. And today is the day!!!

Lunar and Planetary Calendar

So we woke up very early today, before dawn, a precious time for meditation and contemplation, offering our seeds and planting to the earth. We took the seeds from the altar to the planting plot, did a small ceremony tuning ourselves with the earth and the seeds, offering this planting junction for the wellbeing of the land, and with the first sun light beams, began to plant our future.

And like every other day, today is the day!!!