Granola de la finca, con Yogurt Griego

Esta granola es un producto meditado, hecho sin afán y con amor, en un proceso de consciencia en el hacer. Utilizamos los mejores ingredientes, siguiendo la receta de la abuela. La tostamos en la finca, a mano, y en pocas cantidades. Esta disponible, para acompañarla con un delicioso yogurt griego, en el local de Yogurt Griego, en Codabas. También puedes hacer tus pedidos a:

Invitación a Terra Madre Day!!

Versión en Inglés En este video Carlo Petrini, presidente de Slow Food International, hace una invitación a participar en Terra Madre Day!!! [youtube=] Ese día celebraremos en La Juanita, junto a campesinos locales, redescubriendo recetas ancestrales, comiendo delicioso, contando historias, celebrando nuestra unión con la tierra!! Si quieres participar, escríbenos a:

Terra Madre Day!!!

Versión en Español We will celebrate Terra Madre Day, at La Juanita, on December 10. This worldwide event, organized locally at various places throughout the world, is promoted by Slow Food International, a grassroots organization which supports traditional, sustainable, and local food preparations, in contrast with the massive contemporary tendency towards fastfood and fastlife. During that day, an event will take place at La Juanita, where we will gather with local farmer families, to rediscover and share traditional dishes, prepared […]

Planting Time

Versión en Español The time for planting has come!!! We have been preparing the soil for the past weeks, with the help of Maja, a German volunteer who is helping us this days, sharing with us life at La Juanita. We have been collecting seeds from around the region, trying to find the most ancestral local unmodified ones. We have meditated on our seeds as well, connecting us with the life power they hold within, tunning ourselves with their generating […]

First Airbnb Guests

  Versión en Español This weekend we had the great experience of hosting our first Airbnb guests. We are not only fascinated by the Airbnb concept, but also about the way their plataform works. It was a very nice experience, we shared with our guests our way of life, exchanged information and facts about life, did yoga together, went to see Nico’s exposition at Guatavita, and did an amazing trip to Laguna de Guatavita, this magnificent magical place. You can […]