Mano en Mano


Versión en Español

Mano en Mano is a living document. It registers, through beautiful analog photographs, artisans whose crafts are going extinct due to modernization. Nicolas Spath captures the melancholy of these artisans as their crafts are replaced by massive line production. You can feel the eagerness of these people registered for prosperity, as they represent the last generation of long traditions.

In junction with Cafe el Machete, in Guatavita, we are generating spaces in the region where art can be shown and appreciated. After having attended many art openings in the city, we where happily surprised by the way Guatavita people interacted with the art shown. At these events you normally see people in cocktail mode, more interested in talking and socializing than in the art exposed. It was very different at Guatavita, people were really absorbing the pictures, they slowly observed them, one by one throughout the exposition, and had heartfelt discussions with the artist.

We could confirm the importance of developing these kinds of spaces in rural areas. Guatavita people appreciate art and are open to cultural activities. They asked for more events like this one in the future, manifesting the need of having constructive activities in town. We will continue, with Cafe el Machete, to promote artistic expressions throughout the region of Guatavita.