Felipe Spath was born in Bogotá, Colombia. When he was a child, his family started to visit Guatavita, this amazing magical land only one hour away from Bogota. As teenagers Felipe and his brothers practiced sailing and hang gliding in nearby Tomine lake and the Cerro del Aguila mountains. They used to spend weeks, sometimes months, practicing sports, walking and horse riding the numerous fantastic trails in these mountains, and getting to know their local neighbors.

Felipe studied anthropology, in Bogota, and afterwards worked in the restaurant business for many years, managing the operation of a big restaurant chain. He discovered he wasn’t happy nor walking his path, and decided to quit and travel Asia for a while. After visiting many countries, practicing meditation, yoga, healing techniques, and learning from indigenous peoples, he came back home and decided to live at La Juanita, in Guatavita. There he is able to practice what he learned traveling, to live connected to the earth, and share with others this way of life.

He met Anama, the woman which lights his soul, a few years ago, and on a trip to the sacred mountain of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, their spirits came together at an ancient temple, and since then, side by side, they build and inspire through love and action! Anama works with indigenous groups at the Amazon, and is also cofounder of an amazing organization which makes childrens dreams realities!! Her charm makes her magic on all of us at La Juanita!

A word on the animals: Rebecca (the girl dog) is the boss of the house – rescued years ago as a street dog, she now happily guards the sheep, chickens and the visitors, and she keeps Kaminechi (the boy dog) on his toes. Kaminechi has a less extroverted personality, and loves nothing more than a good sleep on a Sunny day with his favourite blanket. Cumbia is the newest addition to the family – an adorably manic cat who divides her time between climbing over Rebecca to find the most comfortable napping position, and running all over the farm in search of something (or someone) to play with. At the moment there are two friendly mother sheep which have a ‘teenage’ baby each, and if you talk to them softly they’ll let you scratch them under the chin. We keep them around to keep the grass cut, and in the future we hope to use their wool. Finally there are the chickens, ruled by a not-so-macho rooster. We are currently trying to expand our chicken flock, and hopefully will have some babies in the near future. These guys help fertilize the farm and keep us well stocked with delicious fresh eggs.