First Screening of Global Oneness Project!!!


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We are very happy to start including Global Oneness Project within Cineto – Cine al Campo!!!! The second screening at Vereda Santa María, a distant rural area at Guatavita municipality, was made last friday. We were expecting last week’s attendance, maybe a bit less because the weather was rainy, and there had been storms, so we were surprised when so many people showed up on this occasion. We had 60 guests inside the local rural school, and many others where watching through the windows. We started the screening talking a bit about the Global Oneness Project, describing how, through having access to different cultures approach to unity and interconnection, an insight about our own nature and community dynamics could be achieved.

An Invitation was proyected,a beautiful interview:

Don Alverto Taxo, a Quichua elder and Iachak (community leader/healer), speaks of the ancient prophecy of the eagle and the condor meeting to bring a new harmony into the world. Don Alverto invites us all to trust the universal human intuition to bring greater harmony into our lives, and to seek after life’s deeper meaning.(Global Oneness Project)

A very constructive discussion then followed, between some leders from Santa Maria community, and the children present at the classroom. They where moved by the words of Alverto, about also how local wisdom, local from a distant land, can have so much relevance on their own community. They also discussed about the importance of acting from the heart, to be tunned to nature, and how difficult it was to do so at the busy city.

The next day, during the inaguration of Doble Puntada, at Café el Machete, in Guatavita, we projected Not Just a Piece of Cloth, an inspiring film also part of Global Oneness Project:

Anshu Gupta is the founder of Goonj, a volunteer-run recycling center in New Delhi. Anshu shows how Goonj recycles garments to provide clothes, schoolbags, sanitary napkins and other amenities for India’s poor. Anshu offers a heartfelt appeal to be mindful of the unused clothing taking space in your closet right now, and what a treasure it could be for someone in need. (Global Oneness Project)

The art exhibition displayed had many common elements with the film shown, it was truly inspiring for the women recycling collective to see how similar initiatives, at the other side of the world, can generate so much change. They got many ideas from Goonj, and plan to have a similar film projection at Villa de Leyva.

Proyeccion en Cafe el Machete, Guatavita

We will continue screening films of this kind at rural locations, and plan to host events of this type at Bogotá in November. We beleive this kind of sharing and exchange can effectively encourage local transformation processes. In junction with La Marimba, the cultural platform that nourishes this project, we will keep on irradiating transformation and unity!!!