ConectArte – Rural Corporal Awareness Workshops


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Por Amor a Tierra, an awareness, consciousness, and activism initiative, has been working with marginalized populations in La Boquilla, Bolivar, over the last years. It has developed social dynamics on the children population, through different workshops, encouraging change through love. In some rural and marginalized populations interactions are often characterized by hate oriented responses, which are reproduced through generations. When love is introduced, a different perspective on live emerges, little details of everyday life take another dimension, relation with the ecosystem is dramatically changed from exploitation to care.

Por Amor a Tierra workshop at La Boquilla

Por Amor a Tierra wants to generate love dynamics among the rural children population at Guatavita. In junction with La Juanita, corporal awareness workshops will be given to children living at Vereda Chaleche. ConectArte will generate a different relationship with their bodies, based on awareness, consciousness, and love. The introduction of this kind of workshops will bring to the region new constructive spaces for the youth, who at the present moment don’t have access to them. It will hopefully contribute, in addition to our other current cultural projects, to reverse the ongoing tendency of city migration, for a supposedly better life, as they feel the rural one  is boring, helping to build a new generation connected with their land, and their bodies, through love.

And the project started!!! This weekend the first workshop was held at La Juanita. Exercises working with inner space exploration, conexion from the heart, and perception activation through yoga were practiced during a beautiful afternoon. ConectArte is a wonderful experience which will regularly take place. If you want to be part of this project please write to:, or