Cine al Campo


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Rural people work all day out in the fields. Then at night, exhausted after a hard day, they will usually go home to watch TV or listen to the radio, and some other days, maybe too many, head to the nearest tienda to drink the hard earned money. At home watching TV they become passive spectators, receiving all kinds of commercial, political or sexual charged information. These activities generate desires and needs, pulling them farther from physical, familiar and spiritual balance.

This project was created in response to various needs detected through a documentation work which is being done in Guatavita’s rural areas. There is an urge to generate leisure spaces for these communities, constructive activities that develop family, cultural and social cohesion, and produce wellbeing at personal and community levels.  Farmers are conscious about their problems, and there is a need for positive spaces in which they can be socialized and documented in a constructive way. They know the solutions for many of their problems, having generated ingenious local technologies, and ways to live life. All of the above constitutes an immense wealth if it is well registered and the proper means for sharing it between local communities and among distant ones.

Cine al Campo, through the projection of documentaries and movies, and the simultaneous realization of a living documentary, aims to generate wellbeing dynamics, at the same time strengthening identity construction in rural communities. This living documentary will constantly be growing, gathering experiences to be shared for a better life.